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Writing Arabic

Writing Arabic

A Practical Introduction to Ruq’ah Script
Autore/i: Mitchell T. F.
Editore: Oxford Un. Press
pp. 164, Oxford Prezzo: € 45,50

The Ruq’ah script, one of many styles of Arabic calligraphy, is of Turkish origin and is known and used throughout the Arabic world roughly east of Tripolitania for the normal purposes of handwriting. It has been usual for beginners to study and copy the shapes of Arabic letters which appear in printed books, but knowledge of this Nasx script will give little real help to students wishing to read manuscripts and letters.
Writing Arabic is a long established manual of the Ruq’ah script. It is intended primarily for beginners and students of Arabic; following it closely, the student can assimilate the principles of writing the script, develop a good eye for its art, and with practice, produce a good hand within a couple of months. Examples of characters and words are given in both calligraphic and cursive form, and the main text is supplemented with several appendices giving specimen passages, translation of all the Arabic displayed, a glossary of calligraphic terminology, and ready reference tables of combined characters.

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