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Standard Arabic

Standard Arabic

An Advanced Course – Student’s book
Autore/i: Dickins James; Watson Janet C. E.
Editore: Cambridge University Press
introduction. pp. xxix-594, ill. b/n, Cambridge Prezzo: € 42,00

    This course is designed for students who have completed a first-level course in Arabic and wish to pursue the subject to degree level. It aims to develop thoroughly the four basic language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, making extensive use of authentic Arabic materials. Each of the twenty chapters is based around a particular topic relating to the culture, history, politics, geography or society of the Arab Middle East, to give students an insight into important aspects of the region. This topic-based approach allows students to tackle vocabulary and structures in a coherent and concentrated manner. Each chapter contains materials for translation into and from Arabic, aural texts, précis passages, suggested oral discussion topics, and a variety of exercises including comprehension in English and Arabic. Accompanying cassettes and a teacher’s handbook are available.
A fully comprehensive advanced Arabic course, comprising student’s coursebook, set of two cassettes and teacher’s handbook.
Arranged in topics relating directly to relevant issues in the Arab-speaking Middle East.
A wide variety of exercises in each chapter.

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Table of Contents
1. Geography of the Middle East
2. Ethnic groups in the Middle East
3. The Middle East in antiquity
4. The rise of Islam
5. Arabic language
6. The Arabic-Israeli conflict
7. The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
8. Climate and environment
9. Social issues and development
10. Gender
11. Popular culture
12. Muslim Spain
13. Arab nationalism
14. Islamic fundamentalism
15. Democracy
16. Death and succession
17. Arabic literature
18. Economics
19. Medicine
20. Islamic heritage

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