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On The Miniatures in Istanbul Libraries

On The Miniatures in Istanbul Libraries

Autore/i: Velidi Togan Zeki
Editore: Baha Matbaasi
pp. 68, Istanbul (Turchia) Prezzo: € 20,00

Pictures and miniatures which may be considered representative of Turkish art are found in abundance in the illuminated manuscripts and picture albums in the Topkapi Saray Museum, in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, in the Yildiz Collection of the University Library and in other libraries.

Most of these albums belong to the medieval phase of Eastern Turkish culture, and to Ilhani, Qaraqoyunlu and Aqqoyunlu, Safevi and Osmanli periods which are a continuation of it in the West. Turkish, Chinese, Uygur as well as Persian artists have worked on these albums. For this reason, the tendency shown by some writers to consider as Turkish only the works of art belonging to the Osmanli period, and to ascribe Eastern Turkish works of art to Persia would be a serious mistake. Only by careful study can Turkish and Persian motifs be distinguished and the Turkish ones restored to their rightful place in our cultural history.

Our only guide in deciding on the origin of a miniature is the scientific method. The language in which the text of the volume is written or what historical event is told in the pictures are not adequate proofs for the nationality of the artists and their artistic works. What is important is the fact that the painter has created the pictures under the influence of contemporary life and as events of a society he is familiar with. For instance, when examining a copy of the “Iskendername” by Nizami or the “Behramname” we must find out, if possible, when and to which monarch it was dedicated, or for whose library it was prepared. In such works contemporary princes are often depicted as Alexander or Behram…

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