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On Swāt. Historical and Archaeological Notes

On Swāt. Historical and Archaeological Notes

Autore/i: Tucci Giuseppe
Editore: ISIAO
Foreword by Gherardo Gnoli.
Introduction by Domenico Faccenna pp. 350, ill. b/n, Roma


The publication of this collection of writings by Giuseppe Tucci is intended by ISIAO to serve two purposes: as a tribute to the memory of the great scholar who was the founder and inspiration for over fifty years, and as a homage to the culture of a great country.

On Swāt. Historical and Archaeological Notes bears witness to the scientific commitment and love with which Professor Tucci devoted himself and his Institute to the study of a region which has made a fundamental contribution to the development of civilization, especially in religion and art, in one of the most significant meeting points of the various cultures of the one Eurasian continent.

A vast amount of work has been carried out since Professor Tucci’ s first reconnaissance in the Swāt Valley in 1955. A large number of books and hundreds of scientific papers are the fruit of Giuseppe Tucci’ s spirit of initiative, intuition and enthusiasm, of the steadfast determination with which he pursued his own work and that of others.

Today, more than forty years after that happy beginning to Italian studies in Pakistan, it is my great pleasure to confirm on behalf of the Institute as a whole not only our uninterrupted commitment but also our determination to intensify efforts, increase effectiveness and expand horizons. The seed planted by Giuseppe Tucci will bear new fruit. The spirit of friendship and the will to work together which inspire the scholars of our two countries is an unshakcable heritage, a guarantee of mutual understanding that nothing can ever destroy.

ISIAO’s warmest thanks are therefore expressed to those who have worked to pay homage to the memory of the man who was the teacher of us aH: to Giuseppe Tucci’s collaborators and students – Domenico Faccenna, Umberto Scerrato and Maurizio Taddei – for their part in the publication of this volume, and to Luciano Petech for his invaluable, scholarly contribution.

I should also like to take advantage of this happy occasion lo assure our many Pakistani colleagues and friends of ISIAO’s deepest esteem and acknowledgement of the help they have unfailingly provided in over forty years of endeavours which ISIAO could never have tackled alone.

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Foreword (Gh. Gnoli) 

Introduction (D. Faccenna)

List of abbreviations

Travels of Tibetan Pilgrims in the Swat Valley
(Opera Minora, II, Roma, Bardi, 1971, pp. 369-418) 

Tibetan Texts

Preliminary Report on an Archaeological Survey in Swat
(East and West, IX.4, 1958, pp. 279-328)

The Tombs of the Asvakayana-Assakenoi
(East and West, XIV.l-2, 1963, pp. 27-28)

Oriental Notes, II: An Image of a Devi Discovered in Swat and Some Connected Problems
(East and West, XIV.3-4, 1963, pp. 146-182)

Oriental Notes, III: A Peculiar Image from Gandhāra
(East and West, XVIII.3-4, 1968, pp. 289-292)

On Swāt. The Dards and Connected Problems
(East and West, XXVII. 1-4, 1977, pp. 9-85,94-103)

On a Sculpture of Gandhāra
(Opera Minora, II, Roma, Bardi, 1971, pp. 595-598)

Oriental Notes, V: Preliminary Account of an Inscription from North-Weslem Pakistan
(East and West, XX.1-2, 1970, pp. 103-104) .

Himalayan Cina
(Études tibétaines dédiées à la mémoire de Marcelle Lalou, Paris, A. Maisonneuve, 1971, pp. 548-552)

Preface and Introduction to Il trono di diamante (The Diamand Throne)
(Il trono di diamante, Bari, De Donato, 1967, pp. 9-14)

Recent Explorations in Swat
(Explorations récentes dans le Swat, Le Muséon, LXXIX, 1966, pp. 42-58)

Swat Museum, Saidu Sharif (Rome 1963)
(on the Occasion of the Inauguration of the Swat Museum)

In the Path of Alexander the Great: Italian Excavations in Swat, Northern Pakistan
(The Illustrated London News, 12 April, 1958, pp. 603-605)

In the Footsteps of Alexander and the Land of the Assakenoi: Excavations in Faraway Swat, Northern Pakistan
(The Illustrated London News, 30 May, 1964, pp. 856-858)

Biographical Note (L. Petech)

Honours Awarded in Pakistan 

Obituaries Published in Pakistan

F.A. Khan, Rediscoverer of Swat: Prof. Tucci
(Dawn, 27 Aprii, 1984)

A. Nabi Khan, Prof. Tucci
(Dawn, 26 May, 1984)

Kalyani Rahmat Ali, The Lama of the West
(Herald, May, 1984)

M. Taddei, Giuseppe Tucci (1894-1984)
(Joumal of Central Asia, IX. 1, July, 1986)

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