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East and West – Vol. 59 – Nos. 1-4 – December 2009

East and West – Vol. 59 – Nos. 1-4 – December 2009

Bon The Everlasting Religion of Tibet – Tibetan Studies in Honour of Professor David L. Snellgrove
Autore/i: AA. VV.
Editore: Isiao
founded by Giuseppe Tucci, edited by Samten G. Karmay and Donatella Rossi pp. 414, ill. b/n, Roma

Papers presented at the International Conference on Bon, 22-27 June 2008, Shenten Dargye Ling, Château de la Modetais, Blou, France


Preface by Gherardo Gnoli
Introduction by Samten G. Karmay

Part I. Myths and History

Per Kværne, Bon and Shamanism
Tsering Thar, Mount Ti se (Kailash) Area: The Center of Himalayan Civilization
Francisco Ayllón, Lha: Towards Assessing Discontinuity in Paradigms of the Sacred
Samten G. Karmay, A New Discovery of Ancient Bon Manuscripts from a Buddhist stūpa in Southern Tibet

Part II. Monasticism and Philosophy

Stéphane Arguillère, mNyam med Shes rab rgyal mtshan on the Special Features of the Bon Monastic Discipline
Matthew T. Kapstein, The Commentaries of the Four Clever Men: A Doctrinal and Philosophical Corpus in the Bon po rDzogs chen Tradition
Seiji Kumagai, Development of the Theory of the “Two Truths” in the Bon Religion

Part III. Medicine and Yogic Practices

Colin Millard, The Life and Medical Legacy of Khyung sprul ’Jigs med nam mkha’i rdo rje (1897-1955)
Alejandro Chaoul, From Caves to the Clinic and Research: Bon Magical Movement (rtsa rlung ’phrul ’khor) Can Help People with Cancer
Philippe Cornu, A Comparative Study of the Bar do Views in the Bon Religion and the rNying ma pa School

Part IV. Ritual and Society

Charles Ramble, Playing Dice with the Devil: Two Bonpo Soul-retrieval Texts and Their Interpretation in Mustang, Nepal
J.F. Marc des Jardins, Bon Institutions in Contemporary Tibetan Territories and the Dynamics of Religious Authority
Heather Stoddard, The Lexicon of Zhangzhung and Bonpo Terms. Some Aspects of Vocabulary in Relation to Material Culture and the Persian World
Kengo Konishi, Reconstruction of the Education System in a Bon Monastery: A Case Study of sKyang tshang Monastery in Amdo Shar khog Today
Hiroyuki Suzuki, Tibetan Dialects Spoken in Shar khog and Khod po khog
Mona Schrempf and Jack Patrick Hayes, From Temple to Commodity? Tourism in Songpan and the Bon Monasteries of A’mdo Shar khog
Katia Buffetrille, Khyung mo Monastery (A’mdo) and Its ’Map’ of ’Ol mo lung ring
Mara Arizaga, An Introduction to the Study of Bon in Modern China
Donatella Rossi, A Brief Note on the Bonpo Texts of the Giuseppe Tucci Fund Preserved at the Library of IsIAO

* * *

Brief Notes and Items for Discussion

Chiara Bellini, An Autobiography by David Snellgrove
Gherardo Gnoli, Giuseppe Vignato, Saerji and Francesco D’Arelli, Giuseppe Tucci’s Indo-tibetica. A Chinese Edition
Fabio Scialpi, The Figure of the Great Mother in India. A Comparison between the East and the West


Ahmed Hassan Dani (1920-2009) (by Luca M. Olivieri)
Walter Belardi (1923-2008) (by Gherardo Gnoli and Adriano V. Rossi)
F.A. Khan (1910-2009) (by Sh. Khurshid Hasan)

Book Reviews
by Michela Clemente, Matteo De Chiara, Marcello De Martino, Lionello Lanciotti

Books Received

List of Contributors

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